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Investment Advice

Selecting where to invest your hard earned money is limited only by the amount you have to spend and your imagination. Whether you are interested in investing in property, insurance, businesses or shares, Benchmark Consultants can help you select an appropriated investment choice for your personal situation.  


Seeking the right advice

We all have one of those friends (or family members) who apparently has the inside scoop on the latest and greatest investment option.  However, trusting someone who may not be educated in this area, or is privy to your personal financial situation, could lead to you making a terrible financial decision. 

Seeking advice from a financial planner, who will look at your entire financial situation and recommend investment options appropriate to your financial position and goals, will ensure you are not running the gauntlet of self-help advice.

Building your Investment Portfolio

Investment portfolio's can include one or all of the following types of investment options;

  • Property 
  • Insurance
  • Businesses
  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • Cash 

  • When building an investment portfolio we look at many factors including;
    how much money you have to begin investing with,
    your personal feelings towards risk,
    your short and long term financial needs and goals,
    the time needed to invest (is it a long or short term investment). 

    Selecting the right mix of investments will all come down to our evaluation of your personal situation, which is why seeking appropriate financial advice will ensure you are making the most of your money.


What is Home Country Bias?

When selecting the appropriate investment for you, many people fall victim to 'home country bias'.  To find out more about what that means, you can watch this great video featuring Peter Stewart (Certified Financial Planner / Owner - Benchmark Consultants) and Mark Eibel (Russell Investments).

Click image to watch video.


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