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Ask yourself these questions...

  • What would happen to your family if you could no longer earn an income?
  • What would happen if you injured yourself and were off work for a long time?
  • How would pay your mortgage or feed your family?
  • Would your spouse have to work if you died, and how would that effect your children?
Planning for the unexpected is the key to any good financial plan. 

Insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary hardship should you no longer be able to provide an income.

In this video ► Corrie explains the difference between having life insurance and not having insurance, and how it affected her family in differnt ways.

Types of Insurances

Life Insurance
Pays out a lump sum on your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.  This insurance can be held within your Superannuation fund or a separate policy can be held outside of Superannuation.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
Pays a lump sum in the event that you become permanently disabled and are unable to ever work again.  This insurance can be held within or outside of a Superannuation policy however it is important to note that the definitions relating to 'not being able to work again' differ between policies held within and outside of Superannuation.

Trauma Insurance (Critical Illness Insurance)
Pays a lump sum on the diagnosis of a particular illness for example heart attack, cancer or another specified illness.

Income Protection Insurance
Provides replacement income (of up to 75%) of your current income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  It can cover you for different specified periods of time depending on the policy.  (Can also be known as Salary Continuance Insurance or Income Replacement Insurance)

Business Expenses Insurance
Covers the ongoing costs of running your business if you are self employed and cannot work due to illness or injury.  Key Person Insurance covers losses to your business if that person cannot work due to injury, sickness or death and is an essential part of your business.


Why should I see a financial planner about insurance?

Have you ever been sitting there wathcing daytime tv and seen the adverts for direct insurance or life insurance for as little as a coffee a day?  We bet you thought to yourself at the time "Great, I should really get onto that, it looks pretty easy".  So you are probably thinking why bother going through a Financial Planner when I could just do it myself?

So you've seen those day-time adverts for 'direct insurance' and you think.. that looks easy!

This video might make you think again...

Many people are unaware of the massive gaps that these kinds of insurances can cause for an individual.  Just because it is a 'quick and easy' approach is no substitute for good advice.

Did you know...

  • On a like-for-like basis, direct insurance policies will generally cost more than the retail policies recommended by financial planners.
  • An average customer is likely to get less than what they think they are paying for, have they read the fine print? Have they considered cover for the homemaker, child etc.


Why you should get insurance while you're young

There are many reasons to take out life insurance policies while you are still young.  Cost can play a huge part however for people with young families.  Insurance could however make a significant difference to both you and your family if something should happen to the bread winner of the family, so taking steps now to be protected could be of huge benefit in the long run.

You're young.  You think your invincible.  You don't need to think about insurance now.... YOU'RE WRONG.  

Watch this video to find out why NOW is the time to get it sorted.

When to cancel your insurance

You have a policy but it's costing you too much money. 
Or perhaps you have multiple policies within multiple superannuation funds so you think you should merge your superannuation funds and cancel the additional policy.  These are questions we get asked all the time.    But when is it OK to cancel your insurance policy.

See what happened to Phil (video) before making your decision...

Did you know
- Cancelling your insurance could cost you and your family in the long run.  Don't believe us... watch this video...


Insurances held in Superannuation

Superannuation funds often are the only source of Life Insurance people hold.

If you are the 1 in 10 who have more than one superannuation fund you could be paying more than one premium for insurance... so is it best to simply roll them all into one policy?  The simple answer is... NO, well at least not without seeking professional advice first. 

This video will explain the importance of reviewing the insurances held within all of your superannuation funds before rolling out of any superannuation fund.


So you still think you don't need any life insurance? 
Here are some more videos which may just make you change your mind.

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