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Video - Peter Stewart speaks with Alexander Cousley at Russell Investments

Market Update - In this video Peter Stewart from Benchmark Consultants interviews Alexander Cousley, Senior Investment Strategy Analyst at Russell Investments.
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05-10-2020 - Russell Investments Market Week in Review 2 Oct 2020 - Is the U.S. economic recovery slowing?

Russell Investments Market Week in Review 2 Oct 2020 -  Is the U.S. economic recovery slowing?[read more]

07/09/2020 - InTouch Magazine Q3

Read the latest from our magazine: InTouch Q3 2020
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17-08-2020 - Russell Investments - Why are U.S. stocks flirting with record highs amid a global pandemic?

Why are U.S. stocks flirting with record highs amid a global pandemic?
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06-07-2020 - InTouch Magazine Q2 2020

Out now.. InTouch Magazine Q2 2020
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16/3/2020 - Russell Investments The coronavirus response: How government actions could help mold a recovery

On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, Quantitative Investment Strategist Abraham Robison and Head of AIS Business Solutions Sophie Antal Gilbert discussed the ongoing volatility in markets as well as the global government response underway to combat the coronavirus.
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Market sell-off oil price and virus fears

Current update provided by IOOF
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07/03/2020 - Market Week in Review - Market volatility continues as spread of coronavirus intensifies

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads to the U.S. and other parts of the developed world, market volatility appears likely to stay.
- Article and video by Russell Investments
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The increasing spread of Coronavirus - by AMP Capital

The increasing spread of Coronavirus - updated economic and investment market implications. Article by Dr Shane Oliver. Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital
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24/02/2020 Market Week in Review - Does coronavirus pose a long-term risk to the global economy?

Does coronavirus pose a long-term risk to the global economy?
How quickly could the global economy rebound from the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak?
Video and Article as published by Russell Investments
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Market week in review - Volatility returns with a vengeance as coronavirus outbreak grows

Markets tumble as coronavirus fears rise
Brexit day arrives as UK leaves EU
Earnings season update: Mega-cap companies shine
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19/7/19 - What is the value of an adviser?

The report by Russell Investments looked holistically at the real value advisers deliver for their clients.[read more]

13/05/2019 - More Australians intend to retire despite inadequate savings levels

With the number of Australian's intending to retire in the next twelve months - what does Roy Morgan's surveys have to say about how ready they are?

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17/04/2019 - Four ways to manage the rising cost of living

With many Australians struggling with managing the rising cost of living, being  smart with your spending is the key, but what else can you do?
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Russell Investments Video - Investment Masterclass: Key Drivers of investment return

In the first edition of the Russell Investments Masterclass series, Investment Specialist Scott Fletcher speaks with Portfolio Manager Andrew Sneddon about the four key drivers of investment return.[read more]

InTouch Magazine Q1 2018

Benchmark Consultants InTouch magazine is now online. Click the image to open the full magazine.
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How to budget for a very merry Christmas

With a bit of planning you can make Christmas grand.  Just follow our tips.
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inTouch Q2 2017

Benchmark Consultants inTouch Q2 2017
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Six ways to ease your debt burden

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The $US200 trillion global debt mountain - how big a threat is it really and what are the implications for investors

Russell Investments - Oliver's Insights
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Trump rally on pause? Global markets react

Russell Investments - Market Week in Review
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Benchmark Newsletter March 2017

US Fed hikes again and reaffirms gradual path
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March rate increase by the Fed seems a near certainty

Russell Investments - Market week in review
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The Eurozone - will they or won't they break up? And what are the implications for investors?

Oliver's Insights
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Should investors stay home or go global in 2017?

How does the growing anti-globalization trend undermine our strategic case for global investors?
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Oliver's Insights - The Australian economy and profits - seven reasons to be upbeat

AMP Capital
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Trump’s coming tax plan: When might it impact markets?

Russell Investements Market week in review
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Where are we in the global investment cycle? What does it mean for investors?

Oliver's Insights by AMP Capital
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