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True Life Stories

If you had ever wondered why you needed a Financial Planner, then these real life case studies from Benchmark clients will show you how important getting the right advice can be. (*Names have been changed for the privacy of our clients);


Judy and Sam's Story

Judy and Sam* are in their 50’s and have been clients of Benchmark Consultants for over 20 years.

Over this time Peter Stewart and his staff have assisted Judy and Sam in all areas of their finance.
15 years ago Peter saw a need for Judy and Sam to review their insurances and recommended that they take out Trauma insurance to safeguard their financial situation in case a Trauma event befell either of them.

In 2010 Judy was diagnosed with Renal Failure.

Judy’s Trauma policy enabled her to make a full claim on her benefits.

The Trauma policy Judy held, paid out a lump sum which allowed her to take an extended period of time off work to recuperate from her transplant operation with the option to go back to work part time and still financially maintain the same lifestyle Judy and Sam were used too without compromising their retirement goals and objectives.

Trauma Insurance covers major traumatic conditions such as Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Coma, Blindness, Severe Burns and many others.

If a Trauma event were to occur to you or your partner, would you be fortunate enough to be in the same financial position as Judy and Sam?

Sandra's Story

Sandra* is in her early 50’s and has been a client of Benchmark Consultants for over 10 years.

Over this time Peter Stewart and his staff have assisted Sandra in all areas of her finance.

7 years ago Peter sat down with Sandra to review her current situation. During this meeting Peter saw that there was a need for Sandra to safeguard her financial future through implementing the appropriate Trauma and Income Protection insurance. Sandra proceeded with Peter’s advice and established the cover.

In 2011 Sandra contacted Peter; she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
The operation and recovery from the Cancer meant that Sandra was unable to work for a few months, however as she had Trauma and Income Protection cover in place, Sandra was able to claim on both Policies.

Sandra’s Trauma insurance was processed and a lump sum was paid out within 5 days of the claim being received. Her Income Protection Insurance paid a monthly benefit for the time she was off work.
The benefits of having both of these insurances has allowed Sandra to spend time with family and friends to aid the recovery process and take her time to recover and without worrying about how to make ends meet for her family.

How would your financial situation be if you were unable to work due to accident or illness?

Would you be able to take the time to recover properly knowing that your financial situation was taken care of?



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