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How do our client's rate our service?

Prior to and since retirement Benchmark have provided solid sensible and stable advice. We have been impressed by the consistency and increased value that we have received to our annuity. We are impressed with the products on offer and happy to recommend.  Peter Stewart’s product knowledge is second to none.
Rick M,   Dec 2018

We feel that we’re on the right track in building a financially stable (and hopefully successful) life for ourselves and our family! We appreciate the support and advice we’ve received to keep us on this path now and into the future.
Eoin & Emily H,   Dec 2018

2018 has been a year of consolidation for my reduced finances, greatly assisted by Benchmark Consultants with the review of my will and associated documents and authorities.
Lindsay G,   Dec 2018

We have been with Peter for more than 30years having been on the receiving end of the expertise that Benchmark stands for we have benefited over all these years and our goal were achieved without a worry on our part. We would unreservedly recommend Benchmark Consultants.
Tony VK,   Dec 2018

Over the years Benchmark have provided a service and documentation that is legible and fully understood by laymen. We are very happy with the choices offered and the manner it is offered. We are very thankful that we are on the Benchmark team.
Ruth M,   Dec 2018

I am not gifted in money matters so it’s wonderful peace of mind to have our finances in the safe hands at Peter and Benchmark. I am amazed each year at where our finances are at.
Diane VK,   Dec 2018

A very professional business in all aspects of finances, caring, trustworthy and always available. I recommend Benchmark Consultants to everyone who desires the best financial advice.
Diane G,   Dec 2018

I recommend Benchmark Consultants because of Peter and his staff’s ability to place you and your assets as the major object of their concern. This engenders complete trust in their ability.
Dennis G,   Dec 2018

Peter and his team at Benchmark Consultants are always professional, knowledgeable and dedicated.
Sandy F,   Dec 2018

We have known and had and association with Peter Stewart for 35 years.  We have always found the advice and service received from Peter and his team to be professional which has given us peace of mind. Would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and the Benchmark team to anyone!
Jill T,   Dec 2018

Thankyou Benchmark for allowing us to have a stress free year and allowing us financially get on with enjoying our life. Which I am sure will continue.
Kim & Barbara,   Dec 2018

Peter and the team at Benchmark have been guiding us through work life changes retirement and succession planning as we have progressed through life.  So far everything is running successfully and to plan.
Wayne C,   Dec 2018

Peter and his team at Benchmark have provided comprehensive, professional and very warm financial advice for many years.  Thank you very much to all involved.
Louise K,   Dec 2018

Always friendly, helpful service and support of my superannuation and new account based pension to meet my needs. Deep knowledge of financial management lies behind the advice. Always a sense that my money is securely invested and maintained.
Anne M,   Dec 2018

We are grateful to have been on the receiving end of Peter’s advice mentoring friendship and wisdom for nearly 23 years.
Jill E,   Dec 2018

Peter continues to give us sound and understandable financial advice and has done so for our 20 years it is much appreciated.
Geoff G,   Dec 2018

Peter and his team at Benchmark have smoothed the way for us over two decades as we transitioned from work to retirement. Engaging Benchmark as our financial advisors has been well worthwhile.
Milton W,   Dec 2018

Peter and his team always provide valuable and timely advice. We’re very happy that Peter is helping us towards a healthy financial future. 
Loreto H,   Dec 2018

Benchmark Consultants provide a personalised service to manage and advise you on your future financial security.  Peter and his team have a good track record of friend’s timely and useful advice.
Paul H,   Dec 2018

Since seeing Peter our financial future is in a better position than we expected. We are very pleased with the service provided.  I have recommended Peter to a friend recently who needs assistance.
Cheryl S,   Dec 2018

Benchmark has been a great help in providing guidance and information with estate planning as well as financial matters.  This has reduced the stress and concern I had about getting ready for retirement. I always mention how Benchmark has helped.
Kevin S,   Dec 2018

We have appreciated the warm professional manner in which Benchmark Consultants have managed our financial affairs. They have always been available to discuss our queries.  They are very trustworthy and knowledgeable. 
Dianne L,   Dec 2018

I have appreciated the sound advice by wife and I have received over the past 17 years.  Peter and his staff have always been approachable and patient when we have had concerns or queries.
Rob L,   Dec 2018

Benchmark has given me great advice on how to best invest my inheritance.  I have been very impressed by the sensible advice given to me on diversification.
Ben D,   Dec 2018

Benchmark is a company that always makes me feel that I am their only client.  They make me feel that I am important and they are giving me the best advice they possibly can.
Diana D,   Dec 2018

Benchmark consultants have been a wonderful support and wealth of knowledge with regards to my parents moving into aged care.  After six years they have now died but thanks to Benchmark my parents Estate was in very capable hands. 
Anne B,   Dec 2018

Thank you for your ongoing excellent and thoughtful advice.  It is greatly appreciated and has helped with sensible decision making on our part.
Rosanne G,   Dec 2018

Scott Fletcher’s talk was great – one of the best overall world financial views I’ve experienced. 
Lovely food, venue and service as usual.  Wonderful most enjoyable, thank you.
Lynn R,   Dec 2018

The staff at Benchmark Consultants are always approachable and they are happy to answer your questions.  The advice provided by the staff is accurate and meets my current needs.  I would recommend Benchmark to other people as a company to look after your investment and retirement planning.
Mark B,   Dec 2018

We have been with Benchmark some 20 years and feel blessed we made the decision to have them manage our funds.  We thank the team.
Josie C,   Dec 2018

In a period following the Royal Commission that financial advisers are in disrepute, it is reassuring that we have Peter and Benchmark that are ethical, honest and open.
Rod C,   Dec 2018

Benchmark provides guidance in what can be a complex financial environment for retirees.  I feel more confident with Benchmark behind me.
Margaret G,   Dec 2018

The Benchmark team are always proactive and helpful.  I have every confidence in their advice as they exhibit honesty and integrity in all their dealings with me – trust is so important in our relationship.
Alan B,   Dec 2018

Another successful year sharing financial thoughts, tips and helpful advice.  Well done to all at Benchmark, roll on 2019.
Cherry W,   Dec 2018

Another good year with Benchmark Consultants.  Always appreciate their advice and the way they take a personal interest in our life as well as our financial interests.  A great family business.
Roger B,   Dec 2018

I have been a client of Peter’s for many years and find Peter and his staff professional, knowledgeable and dedicated in their service.
Lesley S,   Dec 2018

Wonderful informative evening with great atmosphere mixing with wonderful company and food.
Helen T,   Dec 2018

Have been retired for 15 years.  Best years of my life thanks to a stress free and healthy retirement. 
Eric & Megan ,   Dec 2018

Three cheers for Peter.  The comfort and confidence his advice and friendship has given us is priceless.  Thank you.
Peter E,   Dec 2018

Always helpful and approachable – up to date with financial advice and current trends.
Carole R,   Dec 2018

Benchmark earns trust, builds hope, supports wise decisions and guides better planning which brings us peace of mind. 
Antoinette W,   Dec 2018

Great service and a professional touch make for super outcomes.
Derek W,   Dec 2018

We have enjoyed the relationship we have built up with Benchmark over 10 years or so.  Thanks, keep up the good work.
Ric M,   Dec 2018

Thank you for your help and good management of my portfolio.
Fran H,   Dec 2018

I trust Peter and his team to manage our fund.  Never had any concerns.
Antoinette T,   Dec 2018

Nice to know that we don’t have to keep up with all of this information ourselves.
Ritchie M,   Dec 2018

Being a client of Benchmark has given us great peace of mind and confidence that our investments and superannuation funds have been well managed.  I have great trust in the advice we are receiving.
Graham B,   Dec 2018

Great advice and company.
Ailsa M,   Dec 2018

I feel that the honesty and integrity with which Peter and Benchmark operate, counts for everything. I feel that we are kept informed and with regular reviews of our portfolios we are secure as can be expected.
David G,   Dec 2018

More than satisfied with the advice given over the years by Benchmark.  Reluctant to take out insurance on my funeral it seemed as if it was so close to my demises which I am not ready for.
Lynette G,   Dec 2018

Peter, you’ve got us to where we are today. 
Donald C,   Dec 2018

All my dealings with Peter and his staff have been on a very friendly but professional manner.
Neil C,   Dec 2018

Peter is always easy to talk to and his staff are great at dealing with any queries.
Julie I,   Dec 2018

I have never dealt with such a friendly, professional, generous and helpful company.  A+++ They really care about their clients!
Mary C,   Dec 2018

We’ve had valuable advice from Peter Stewart and his team for about 25 years.  We value the trust and friendship we’ve built up over this time.  Thank you.
Georgie W,   Dec 2018

Your help and advice to me was great comfort to me and my family when my mum was gravely ill.  Thank you.
Fiona M,   Dec 2018

Have been with Benchmark since 2001.  Retired July 2009 and never looked back.  Trust Benchmark to manage Fund.  Have always done well with the fund. 
Robert T,   Dec 2018

Once again a very informative evening with interesting speakers and delicious food!  
Moira B,   Dec 2018

We are very happy with the services Benchmark provides. Always accessible and efficient.
Alan G,   Dec 2018

Very supportive, friendly, caring staff who provide an efficient service. Back up is willingly provided.
Sharon G,   Dec 2018

It’s all about communication. Peter and his team excel at keeping clients well informed and helping with decisions.
Peter W,   Dec 2018

Thanks for helping us hold our nerve in the turbulent times, Peter. Much appreciated.
Elizabeth C,   Dec 2018

Peter and his crew has allowed us to enjoy a stress free retirement.
Megan & Eric B,   Dec 2018

Given the strife in the financial services Peter is a beacon for great service, honesty and integrity. I am very happy with his advice.
Peter T,   Dec 2018

Thanks Peter, it feels like we deal with a family we know when we work with you!
Graeme R,   Dec 2018

A long and lasting service and friendship developed with a great team headed by a super principal, Peter.
Clive W,   Dec 2018

A faithful guide and friend over many years.
Denise M,   Dec 2018

Great advice from team.  Always a pleasure to receive updated advice. Peter is our adviser and he and Janet have become friends socially.

Robert.  7 Dec 2017

Another year of sound oversight and carefully considered advice. Thank you Peter and staff. 

Peter. 7 Dec 2017.

Peter has looked after our interests for many years and we are delighted to recommend him.

Carolyn. 7 Dec 2017.

Benchmarks service is second to none, being kind, considerate, friendly and always professional.  Many thanks, Mary.  

Mary.  7 Dec 2017

Benchmarks advice helps me sleep at night. 

Rob.  7 Dec 2017.

Thanks to Peter and the team for their support, time and guidance in 2017, particularly after the passing of our dad / father in law Bob.  A difficult year has been made a little simpler knowing Bob’s personal affairs were in order. Thanks again. 

Emily.  7 Dec 2017

A friendly, approachable business where you are instantly made to feel welcome.  

Sandy.  7 Dec 2017

Been with Benchmark for 17 years. Peter has been wonderful adviser and Peter and Janet have also become good friends, lovely people. 

Antoinette.  7 Dec 2017

We have been with Peter for over 30 years and have been constantly provided with positive and active advice.

Peter.  7 Dec 2017

Great team at Benchmark.  Have looked after Denice and I really well both before retiring and since then. Must be the best part of 20 years and very happy with the service. 

Roger. 7 Dec 2017.

The encouragement and assistance with Estate Planning helped my wife and I cope with a difficult year, as well as made things smoother.  I would strongly recommend Benchmark to anyone. 

Kevin. 7 Dec 2017

Can have candid dialogue with Peter – no pretence or masking. As such know the advice is creditable and accountable. 

Rod.  7 Dec 2017

What a charming group of people you are. Always punctual, enthusiastic and clear.  Thank you. 

Lee. 7 Dec 2017.

We have been fortunate to have had Peter Stewart work with us for 20+ year.  He is our best financial friend.

Shelley.  7 Dec 2017.

Very approachable, always willing to help, straight forward advice, pleasure to work with! 

Carole. 7 Dec 17

Thanks Peter for a lovely meal & your ongoing Financial Advice. “A real family business feel about your company”.

Graeme. 7 Dec 2017

Benchmark Consultants represents a quality, well-resourced local financial consultancy that provides current, well informed advice in a close friendly environment.

Kim. 7 Dec 2017.

We appreciate all your advice over the many years.

Mary.  7 Dec 2017

We have been friends with Peter for over 20 years and he has been our Financial Adviser.  We have appreciated his help with our finances.  

Victor.  7 Dec 2017.

The staff at Benchmark Consultants are friendly and professional.  They have met our financial needs for many years. 

Mark.  7 Dec 2017

Helpful & approachable staff and what a wonderful idea to reward their customers at Christmas with wonderful food and company. 

Barbara.  7 Dec 2017.

Very approachable staff.  Good update in a timely manner.  

Kim.  7 Dec 2017.

Wow how lucky were we to have met Peter Stewart when we did.  Cannot thank him enough.  

Giuliano.  7 Dec 2017

My daughter-in-law worked with Peter at his West Perth office sometime in the nineties.

Lynette.  7 Dec 2017.

Peter and staff at Benchmark are always very professional, helpful and caring.  Have absolutely no complaints at all. 

Moira.  7 Dec 2017.

We love Peter, Janet & all the staff at Benchmark.  We’ve had over 20 years of fantastic support. 

Rosanne.  7 Dec 2017.

Strategy – 1.  Friendliness – 2, Relevant to families – 3, Good returns – 4. 
We have found Benchmark to be a very helpful family service giving good advice on financial strategies. Always friendly. 

Gwenda & Peter.  7 Dec 2017.

Excellent services and good gathering. Thanks. 

Besko - 7 Dec 2017.

Thanks Peter for all your help and support.  So very much appreciated. 

Elizabeth.  7 Dec 2017.

Always happy to attend Benchmark Client Function and listen to the presentations. 

Drinka.  7 Dec 2017.

Love you Pete.

Alan. 7 Dec 2017.

Pleasant evening.  Happy with Peter and Benchmark staff, thank you.

Wal. 7 Dec 2017.

Peter and Benchmark have provided financial services and advice to us – prior and after retirement that have allowed us to continue our lifestyle without worry or anxiety.

Rick . 7 Dec 2017.

Benchmark Consultants have provided a worry free transition to retirement.  Peter’s knowledge and guidance have been first class which has given me great peace of mind. Thank you. 

Ruth.  7 Dec 2017.

The Benchmark team, admirably led by Peter, have worked tirelessly for many years to free me from work and release me into the ‘Nirvana ‘called retirement: and I have never been busier! Thanks (sincerely) team: I look forward to many more years of your support. 

Dennis. 7 Dec 2017.

Thanks to the Benchmark Team for guiding us to the point we are at now.  One year into retirement and so much more of life to live. 

Julie.  7 Dec 2017.

Very happy with your service provided and when needing support and advice I know where I need to go. No complaints.

Helen.  7 Dec 2017.

After working with two financial advisors who I was unhappy with I am very pleased to now work with Peter Stewart whom I get knowledgeable honest advice from. 

Peter.  7 Dec 2017.

Firstly thank you for a great evening. We have always enjoyed the services from Benchmark and the professional way you conduct the business, Merry Christmas.

Fran.  7 Dec 2017.

Thankyou Benchmark team and Peter for helping us navigate a very challenging year.  Really appreciate your direction, advice and support in 2017. 

Eoin.  7 Dec 2017.

Genuine.  Honest.  Reliable.  Personal.  Professional.  Flexible.  Adaptable. 

Milton .  7 Dec 2017.

We’ve depended on Peter and it’s staffs good advice and feedback for years.  Personal service 2nd to none.

Wayne.  7 Dec 2017.

We have known Peter for many years and have always appreciated his outgoing personality and diligent attention to our portfolio. 

Denise .  7 Dec 2017.

Great evening and very interesting speakers. 

Judy.  7 Dec 2017.

Like a family friend. 

Lesley.  7 Dec 2017.

For 20+ years, Peter has been an honest and understanding advisor whom we have greatly appreciated. 

Jill & Peter.  7 Dec 2017.

A most interesting talk at a beautiful venue. 

7 Dec 2017.  (Benchmark Client Function response)

The level of quality, expert information was appreciated, and will help form our future planning. 

Lyn.  7 Dec 2017.

Benchmark has advised us from redundancy through re-establishment to investment.  Thanks to Peter we are now in a good financial position for the third stage of our lives. 

Jan.  7 Dec 2017.

I have only got good things to say about Benchmark Consultants.  My wife and I have really appreciated Peter and his teams advice regarding our investments.  Their service is excellent and thorough.  It comes in a spirit of respect. 

James. 7 Dec 2017.

When retirement gets closer it is an investment to have Benchmark on board.  Investment for - less worry and confidence regarding the future. 

Antoinette.  7 Dec 2017.

Great advice and service leads to great rewards.

Derek.  7 Dec 2017.

Great feedback.  Always efficient to answer any queries.  More than satisfied with advice given. 

Rob.  7 Dec 2017.

Great event and Interesting speakers.  Looking forward to next years. 

Adrian. 7 Dec 2017.

Peter helped us see how to buy a better house than we thought we could afford. 

Don.  7 Dec 2017.

Always professional, knowledgeable, looked after our financial needs and goals for many years. 

Jill.  7 Dec 2017.

Benchmarks knowledge is fantastic and the staff are helpful, friendly and a pleasure to deal with.  A+A+A+A+  

Neil.  7 Dec 2017.

My husband is very happy with our decision to stay with Benchmark.

Megan.  7 Dec 2017.

We have been with Peter and Benchmark for over 20 years.  It has given us a stress free and very happy retirement. 

Eric.  7 Dec 2017.

Peter has been of great help to us in organising our finances and wealth creation prior to our retirement.

Debbie.  7 Dec 2017.

I really appreciate how approachable the staff at Benchmark are.  Their friendly professional manner engenders trust in the products they offer. Thank You. 

Dianne.  7 Dec 2017.

Since working with Benchmark life approaching retirement has been structured.  The transition into retirement has been smooth and trouble free.  Thank You. 

David.  7 Dec 2017.

I’ve had to access my trauma insurance this year and the speed and response to this was outstanding.  Thank you for all you do for us. 

Loreto.  7 Dec 2017.

Professional, relevant, interesting dinner guests.  A quality evening. 

Diane.  7 Dec 2017.

Professional people orientated.  Perfection.  A company that looks after its clients. 

Dennis.  7 Dec 2017.

I am always so appreciative to Peter and his team for their management of our financial portfolio.  We can enjoy retirement knowing all is in good hands. 

Diane.  7 Dec 2017.

Having been with Benchmark for 20years+ I have enjoyed full confidence in the service they have provided.  Keeping me up to date with changes and so giving me a worry-free retirement to be enjoyed.

Tony.  7 Dec 2017.

Thank you for all your advice.  Going to Benchmark and meeting Peter was the best thing we’ve ever done! 

Lynn & Kevin.  7 Dec 2017.

They think about the things we don’t know about. 

June.  7 Dec 2017.

Informative speakers confident in what they do.

Ray. 7 Dec 2017.

Very happy to have changed to Benchmark after 20 years with another company.  I met Peter via the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce and look forward to many years of fruitful partnership.  

Peter.  7 Dec 2017.






Cherry.  7 Dec 2017.

Benchmark Consultants gets into the detail required to give meaningful personal advice targeted to my individual situation. 

Lesley.  7 Dec 2017.

I retired in 2001 from Brisbane and was introduced to Peter at Benchmark.  Who have looked after my financial arrangements very well.

Lindsay.  7 Dec 2017.

It is wonderful and reassuring to have an organisation with good and solid values managing our finances.  All the suggested holidays is a big bonus. 

Sandra.  7 Dec 2017.

2016 and prior...

"Peter has given us excellent financial and estate planning advice over many years."

Milton & Cherry, 15 Dec 2016

"We have had 23 years of informed advice from Peter and the team at Benchmark.  They are always available for advice and excellent annual reviews."

Georgie, 15 Dec 2016

"Pleasant, informative evening – thank you.  Peter’s advice, manner and honest professionalism is appreciated by us."

Clive, 15 Dec 2016

"I have been with Benchmark for more than 25 years and have always received excellent advice and excellent services and would recommend them strongly to anyone."

Tony, 15 Dec 2016

"You did good job for us.  Wishing you all the best.  All was good."

Besko & Drinka, 15 Dec 2016

"When my wife became very ill, Peter facilitated our insurances very promptly and this helped her recovery a lot."

Peter, 15 Dec 2016

"We have been dealing with Peter at Benchmark since its inception and Peter prior to that with our insurance needs.  Peter has provided professional and friendly and knowledgeable service at all times"

Jill, 15 Dec 2016

"Very informative evening.  As a new member (client) of Peter’s firm I look forward to the journey ahead before and after retirement."

Judith, 15 Dec 2016

"We are so glad we have Peter and the team to rely on for all our financial advice and guidance."

Lynn & Kevin, 15 Dec 2016

"Benchmark – very attentive and quick to respond to queries.  I value the service received."

Liz, 15 Dec 2016

"Very nice venue and meal Peter, nice location, room was rather warm. Speakers were very interesting."    (Re: Benchmark Client Function, 15 Dec 2016)

Debra, 15 Dec 2016

"Benchmark and Peter have provided good sound advice over our finances."

Ric, 15 Dec 2016

"We appreciated the time Peter spent finding out how we wanted to spend our retirement."

June, 15 Dec 2016

"We gratefully acknowledge the professional advice given to us by Peter and his warm, friendly team at Benchmark."   

Louise, 15 Dec 2016

"Peter cares about your financial situation and cares about you as a person."

Paul, 15 Dec 2016

"What a great way to show you care for your clients.  Speakers were sensational and intriguing on their exposes."  (Re Benchmark Client Function, held 15 Dec 2016)

Errol, 15 Dec 2016

"Very informative."  (Re Benchmark Client Function held 15 Dec 2016)

Alan, 15 Dec 2016

Great work team! Always on time and so polite. Keep working for us!!

Lee & Peter, 15 Dec 2016

Peter continues to provide excellent on going advice of a financial and personal nature and has done over 20 years – advice always up to date and relevant to individual needs.

Geoff, 15 Dec 2016

We’ve enjoyed the peace of mind which Peter’s services have given for over 20 years. Thank You.

Peter, 15 Dec 2016

The team and Peter are fantastic! Service over 20 years has been excellent.

Jill, 15 Dec 2016

It is always a pleasure to deal with Peter and his staff as they are always professional, friendly, courteous, kind and knowledgeable.  They always listen to concerns and take on board the clients wants.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Benchmark Consultants to everybody.

Mary & Neil, 15 Dec 2016

Peter is our stalwart for advice and we are fortunate to know him for over 25 years.

Shelley, 15 Dec 2016

With more than a decade with Peter Stewart I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Guiliano, 15 Dec 2016

Thank you to all the staff at Benchmark who are so helpful and approachable with regards to our finances. A very professional financial group.

Anne & Mark, 15 Dec 2016

I’ve depended on Peter for many years and his knowledge is exceptional.

Wayne, 15 Dec 2016

I cannot recommend Peter and the staff of Benchmark Consultants highly enough for their professionalism, service and caring attitude.

Moira, 15 Dec 2016


Great event.  Informative.           (Re Benchmark Client Function held 15 Dec 2016.)

Megan, 15 Dec 2016

We have been with Peter and his crew for approx. 20 years.  We have always enjoyed the honest relationship with Benchmark. They have taken the stress out of our retirement.

Eric, 15 Dec 2016


Having been clients of Benchmark for more than 15 years, we have really appreciated the quality and value of the financial advice we have received and the trust we have built through our relationship with Peter Stewart.

Graham & Sylvia, 15 Dec 2016


Peter has been taking care of our affairs for over 20 years. I trust his advice and judgement.


Sandra, 15 Dec 2016

Thank you for this evening.  Extremely interesting guest speakers, especially Senator Lynda Reynolds.  (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Lynette & Lindsay, Dec 2015

We believe that Peter and Benchmark have our best interests at heart and are able to access significant resources to support their advice.  

Peter & Jill, Dec 2015

Three great speeches – some interesting points from each. Good venue and lovely food.  Thank you.  (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Lynn & Kevin, Dec 2015

Peter and the team at Benchmark are a professional area a professional and caring team who have your best interests at heart.  Thank you for a most informative and enjoyable evening.  (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Anne & Mark, Dec 2015

We appreciate and value the advice and support of the Benchmark team and look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial interactions.   

Syliva & Graham, Dec 2015

Great dinner again Peter with three excellent speakers.  Especially Senator Lynda Reynolds. Great evening!!!  (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Roger & Denise, Dec 2015

I have been with Peter for almost 30 years and found his assistance to greatly benefit my wife and I now retired and comfortable.

Robert, Dec 2015

Peter continues to provide a high level of financial advice and support that I have received for the last 20 years. I have always felt comfortable with his guidance, support and advice.

Geoff, Dec 2015

Guest Speaker Troy Smith (OnePath) – gave excellent insight into current legislative trends – very good speaker – great examples.
Guest Speaker Rob Burchell (Russell Investments): very reassuring – such rich data – very well informed – very reassuring – why would you NOT go with Russell.
Impressive to know that Peter Stewart has these advisers /resources on his team.
Guest Speaker Lynda Reynolds: Great talk – glad she is for WA – I wish her success! PS How does/do senators get help to take the next step – especially doing so to stay in WA?
(Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Dennis, Dec 2015

Always reassured to know that Peter and the team have all of our interests at heart and in hand.

Shelley, Dec 2015

Thanks Peter.  A good night.  Interesting speakers and good food and company. (Re: Benchmark Client Function

Peter G, Dec 2015

We have been with Peter and Benchmark for over 20 years.  They have made the transition from work to retirement very smooth and now we are enjoying a stress free life.

Eric & Megan, Dec 2015

With the ever changing rules it is great to get good advice.

Wayne, Dec 2015

A great night and some great advice. Thank you! (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Antoinette, Dec 2015

(Benchmark) Done a great job in the past year.  Tonight has been very informative and interesting. (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Robert, Dec 2015

Thank you to Benchmark for a most enjoyable and informative evening. (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Louise, Dec 2015

A wonderful company to work with which offers a friendly, hands on, personalised service. The whole staff, from the top down, are A+++.

Neil & Mary, Dec 2015

Peter and his fantastic team put on a fun and informative evening once again.  Thank you all for having us along.  (Re: Benchmark Client Function)

Michael, Dec 2015

Benchmark under Peter’s dedicated guidance is able to keep up with the enormous amount of world changes in finance and we all benefit from this.

Rick & Ruth, Dec 2015

Appreciate very much the timely and accurate info and advice which gives us great peace of mind knowing our finances are in the safe hands of Benchmark.

Tony & Diane, Dec 2015

A great function enabling an exchange of information and deepening of our relationship with the Benchmark team. 
(Re: Benchmark Client Function)
Alan & Judy, Dec 2015

What Peter and Benchmark Consultants have provided for me is trust, confidence and wellbeing in retirement.

Giuliano, Dec 2015 

Dear Peter
I write to offer my congratulations on receiving the Professional Services Award at the 2014 Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.  This is a great honour and I have no doubt it is well deserved. 
Your outstanding commitment to your clients and the community is evident.  The personal approach, updates and reviews to keep your clients above the economic cycle is an important approach.
Congratulations again on this recognition of your honest work and I look forward to hearing more of your successes.

Ken Wyatt MP
Member for Hasluck
, 10 Dec 2014

We have been with Peter for over 30 years and have always been impressed with his openness, honesty and hard work.

Peter, Dec 2013

Benchmark under the guidance, experience and commitment of Peter Stewart, have placed us in a position of comfortable retirement. The planning and pointing us in the right direction of financials has been invaluable.
Rick, Dec 2013

Benchmark Consultants are a very professional firm and one we find manages our finances and business with the greatest interest and respect. We believe our funds and retirement are being cared for and making money while we retire to enjoy our lives. We appreciate the advice and prompt service year by year.
Gerard & Diane, Dec 2013

Peter and the staff have (over 20 years) always been welcoming, accommodating and ready to share knowledge and advice about a range of personal issues. Peter cares enough to keep me in mind with my personal circumstances, and continually tries to be of service – latest info, good realistic planning, etc. Through his commitment to good financial advice, I was able to retire on (my estimate) a super nest egg of about 30-50% greater than it would have otherwise been and captures positive trending.
Arthur, Dec 2013

Because you give us a good end of year party. Seriously, we appreciate all you do for us.
Lynette, Dec 2013

We have been using Peter and his firm as our financial adviser for many years. Peter and his staff are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, kind and caring. A couple of years ago my husband found himself in a life threatening situation, out of the blue, and when I called Peter he just took control of the financial part. This was done quickly and quietly and we received all we were entitled to with a minimum of fuss. I can’t say what a relieve it was not to have to worry about money while my husband was going through all his treatment. We were able to afford the best medical care available due to things Peter advised us to put in place years before. Thank you doesn’t seem enough! My partner is now well and we are so grateful to Peter and staff!
Mary, Dec 2013

Peter and his team have always provided us with prompt and reassuring service, in good times and in (the more recent) worrying times. We have found them quick to provide sound advice in a wide range of matters affecting our family.

Peter & Jill, Jan 2013

It is always a delight to communicate with Peter and his wonderful team. They always make one feel “you are no trouble at all and in fact a pleasure to chat with” which is so important when we are discussing important or concerning matters. 

Again the Sundowner was a resounding success. Tasteful, tasty and tantalizing with really diverse, interesting and very relevant topics. The speakers were outstanding in their presentation and gave the air of an easy chat while actually giving invaluable information, very clearly. Sound was really good. Norm enjoyed being able to hear them well. 

We feel our future needs and interests are safely monitored by your diligent guidance. Thank you so much. 

Delphine, Dec 2012

We are delighted at the service and sound financial advice we have received for the past 11 or 12 years. Thank you Peter and your lovely team.

Lindsay & Lynette, Dec 2012

I have been a client of Peter’s for 12 years and since retirement and for about 5 years before that. For all that time Peter’s advice has been sound and adapted to my needs. I feel that he is most honest, trustworthy and reliable. He keeps himself up to date with the new developments and is constantly looking for new ways to service his clients. My financial world has benefited greatly from Peter’s advice, not least the peace of mind that his expertise gives and the consideration that he gives to you as an individual.

Geoff, Dec 2012


We met Peter and his team in 2001. A very professional team, open, welcoming and trustworthy. The team’s management of our pension fund has seen the Principle increase despite the fees charged and our monthly pension withdrawal. We have no hesitation recommending Peter and his team to anyone.

Antoinette & Robert, Dec 2012


Caring – respectfully. We always feel that the Benchmark Consultants staff - treat us, our situations and our future with care, respect, efficiency and immediacy. Sure they say “we’ll get back to you” and they do, incredibly quickly, with a solution or clear progress report or some additional information which always puts us at ease. The Benchmark Consultants staff have the knowledge and experience to be able to address all matters relating to our portfolio and we have complete faith in the role we have anointed them within our lives and our financially secure future. Thanks Benchmark!

Dennis Ireland, Nov 2012

Dear Peter & Staff at Benchmark Consultants. Thank you very much for all your assistance in processing our trauma settlement through so quickly. This has taken a great deal of stress from our lives and we appreciate all the kindness and help from you and your lovely staff. Regards Richard & Michelle.

Richard & Michelle, Mar 2012

Peter continues to provide sound, calm advice during difficult times. He provides thorough feedback and responds thoughtfully to any concerns. Investment reports are comprehensive and backed up by logical explanation of the fine detail which could easily be misunderstood or overlooked.

Peter & Jillianne, 19 Dec 2011

Good consistent advice over many years has provided us with a comfort zone I may enjoy in retirement. Plenty of opportunity for new retirees as well.

Arthur, 29 Nov 2011

Peter provides a personal interest in our particular circumstances when formulating advice to improve our financial position.

Wayne, 29 Nov 2011

Excellent, well-researched, current and consistently well delivered, precisely timed and personalised information – Thank you.

Anne, 29 Nov 2011

Great team, very knowledgeable and professional.

Michael, 29 Nov 2011

Benchmark Consultants make understanding your financial position very easy. They take the time to explain everything in detail for you.

Moira, 29 Nov 2011

From a person who does not fully understand the financial market I have found the one stop line to Peter and Karen have assisted me in making informed decisions. I am now confident of my financial position in retirement.

Wayne, 29 Nov 11

We have found Peter and his crew entirely helpful in enjoying a stress free retirement. They have taken the worry away from us and have always been available to guide us.

Eric, 29 Nov 2011

It is important to have a consultant who is personable and prepared to ‘give you the time of day’. We find that Peter fulfils admirably both regards.

Rod, 29 Nov 2011

"We first met Peter when we required advice about salary sacrificing. Having experienced Peter’s professional approach and knowledge of financial planning we asked him to help us plan for retirement which we are now enjoying. We wanted someone to help us manage our financial plans who, understands our Christian values of integrity. We do have peace of mind and have always found Peter and his staff ready to help when any assistance is required."

Peter and Adrianne, 10 Nov 2011

"Benchmark Consultants have been part of my life for the past twelve years when Peter first visited my husband and I in Margaret River. He has seen me through some very difficult and sad times when my late husband was very unwell and I believe that I can rely and trust his advice completely. Information and help is just a phone call away with his staff providing a welcoming and friendly service. I now look forward to my annual trip to the Kalamunda office to discuss my portfolio, free from the hassle of traffic and parking that so often accompany city premises. Peter always has time to listen and discuss my investments and ideas in a manner that I can understand and keeps me up to date with current financial issues and seminars."

Phyllis, 6 Nov 2011

"We have been dealing with Benchmark Consultants for more than 10 years.  We have found them to be very accessible and the information they provide, comprehensive and quite easy to understand.  We have no hesitation in recommending their services for your financial planning."

Alan, 24 Oct 2011

"Peter has been my financial advisor since well before retirement and in the ten years since retiring in 2001 he has been a constant and reliable advisory person, approachable, sincere and well informed.  Advice has always been of a high calibre, reassuring and pitched at my level of understanding of financial matters. Peter takes a genuine interest in his clients on a personal as well as professional level and goes well beyond what can be expected.  Seminars, updates and social activities are a feature of his practice.  Highly regarded in all aspects of his work above all genuine and sincere."

Geoff, 19 Oct 2011

"Thanks to Benchmark Consultants assistance we have managed to improve our assets in very volatile market circumstances. Peter Stewart and his staff are very dedicated, always ready to explain to us complex financial matters and provide good advice. Our more than ten years’ experience with Benchmark Consultants is very positive."

Drinka & Besko, 6 Oct 2011

"What do you like about dealing with Benchmark?   "The Professionalism, consistency of service and connecting with the work that is required in assisting the client’s needs.”

Richard & Sharon, Aug 11

"Peter Stewart and his staff have provided friendly, caring and sound advice to us since we began considering early retirement in 1997. Peter showed us how it could happen, taking away much of the worry and uncertainty. Ongoing support and planning has seen our retirement funds and other investments grow considerably. Our position in retirement is now significantly healthier than it would have been otherwise.
We feel Peter has a genuine interest in our future well-being."

Peter & Jillianne, Bunbury

"Our Association with Peter Stewart and Benchmark covers some five or more years now. We have been impressed with the thoughtful, thorough and practical professional advice offered to us. This has assisted us to make creative and significant changes to our financial planning and we have received courteous, prompt and personal attention. We have been appreciative of the follow up advice and attention to detail which has been respectful and non-intrusive. Overall we feel well supported and cared for in our financial affairs."

Trevor & Liz, Wembley Downs

"Kevin & I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work in looking after our financial future. The atmosphere in the office is always friendly and cheerful, the attention to details and efficiency of the service we receive so professional, that we always feel comfortable and secure in the advice we receive. The transparent honesty of the principals, and their enthusiasm for their work, has led to our recommending Benchmark to our friends and relations. Thanks to the Benchmark team, we expect to retire sooner, on a much better income than would otherwise have been the case."

Kevin & Valerie, Kalamunda

"The thing that impresses us most about Benchmark is that nothing is ever a problem. The staff go out of their way to ensure that queries are answered promptly and satisfactorily. The level of service provided by ALL staff is outstanding and they obviously work hard at ensuring customer satisfaction."

Simon & Jane, Inglewood

"I have known Peter Stewart of Benchmark Consultants for many years now as he has not only been my financial advisor in this time, but also a family friend.

In my view he runs an excellent business in providing sound financial advice to people across a number of different age ranges, backgrounds and needs. He is a caring, ethical and diligent man in the way he has handled my affairs and more recently those of my spouse. He believes in the importance of getting to know his clients well and he readily explores and explains the financial options available and the risk factors involved, but then allows them (if they wish) a fair degree of autonomy in ultimately deciding the path to take.

I have enjoyed my partnership with him and have always found his support staff friendly and approachable with a degree of “family” culture and ethos underpinning the business. I am confident that Benchmark will continue to grow and flourish in this area, as more people prepare for retirement and realise the wisdom in seeking sound financial advice, to help them negotiate the minefield of viable options in managing their financial affairs."

Roger, Kalamunda

"My husband and I first met Peter Stewart of benchmark Consultants over 15 years ago. In the intervening years in all our dealings with him, Peter has maintained a high degree of professionalism. We have valued his good advice and obvious care for our financial well-being. He continues to be a trusted financial advisor and friend."

Denise, South Perth

"I've been with Benchmark for 18 years and in that time I have always valued their advice. It has always been accurate. While we recognise that markets will up and down, the packages have always come closes to what they have predicted. We have been nothing but happy with them personally and the information that they pass on. We have nothing but praise for them."

Tony, Ellenbrook

"From a personal point of view, we really trust him. Ethically, he has very strong morals and have always done the right thing by us. We trust Peter for his honesty."

Anita, Bull Creek

"For financial advice you really can't go past them. I've never had a problem and I've always been made to fee special, important and they value my business."

Sandy, Lesmurdie

"They are always cheery and available when I need them. They are always cooperative and willing to be of assistance."

Marie, Hazelmere

"Very honest, reliable, responsible adviser that is upfront with everything.I think Peter is a top operator and a top bloke."

Rod, Beechboro

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