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Benchmark Awards

Benchmark Awards are awarded to local teachers and support staff  in schools, who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide support for students dealing with personal issues and stressful times at school.  It recognises the teachers selfless contribution in nurturing children, particularly in raising confidence and increasing the self-esteem of struggling students.  This is the only local award which acknowledges teachers/support staff for their efforts.   


Peter Stewart initiated the Benchmark Awards in 2000, originally in response to his increased awareness of the number of teenagers who suffer from personal and emotional issues causing their school work to suffer.  Peter's thoughts were that by acknowledging teachers who went above and beyond to help students (often without any credit or additional pay) that it would provide an incentive for teachers to do more to assist these students, ensuring they achieve their full potential at school.

The award design shows an adult with their arm around the child, which symbolises the support a teachers offers their student.  Each award is then engraved with the teachers name and the year of the award.

Recipients of the 2019 Benchmark Award

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Kalamunda Senior High School - Melinda Davies
Lesmurdie Senior High School -
John Armstrong
Carmel Adventist College -
Clair Nolan
Swan Christian College -
Gavin Plows
St Brigids College -
Glennis Stevenson
Darling Range Sports College -
Kate Cunningham

"On behalf of Darling Range Sports College we would like to thank your support and acknowledging our hardworking, dedicated and gifted staff.  Your sponsorship of the 2019 Benhcmark Award presented to Kate Cunningham was greately appreciated.
It is always pleasing to be able to acknowledge publicly our exceptional harworking staff and Kate is certainly an outstanding example of this and a deserved winner of the Benchmark Award" Rob Lawson, Principal, Darling Range Sports College

Past Recipients


Kalamunda Senior High School - Sarah Adams
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Rose Famiano
Carmel Adventist College - Adam Di Rosso
Swan Christian College - Junnetta Spurgeon
St Brigids College - Katrina Fiolo
Darling Range Sports College - Deanne Guthrie

Photo (From left to right): Katrina Fiolo, Junetta Spurgeon, Sara Adams, Fose Famiano, Deanne Guthrie, Adam Di Rosso.

Kalamunda Senior High School - Jim O'Neil
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Jane Gray
Carmel Adventist College - Nicole Richardson
Swan Christian College - Meril Myers
St Brigids College - Stephen Viver
Darling Range Sports College - Angela Johnston


Kalamunda Senior High School - Christine WingateIMG_8949.JPG
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Damien Uren
 Carmel Adventist College - Larissa Fontana
 Swan Christian College - Jarrod Heglund
 St Brigids College - Catherine Wildish
Darling Range Sports College - Lyndall Andrews

2016 winners pictured from left to right: 
Christine Wingate, Damien Uren, Lyndall Andrews

Kalamunda Senior High School - Kuldeep Kaler
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Craig Bowden
Carmel Adventist College - Janine Beck
Swan Christian College - Peter Bolt
St Brigids College
- Pauline Guerinoni
Darling Range Sports College - Brent Kupsch

2015 winners pictured from left to right: 
Craig Bowden, Peter Bolt


St Brigids College
- Debbie O'Hara
Swan Christian College - Anthony Banks
Darling Range Sports College - Karly Guadagnin
Kalamunda Senior High School - Lee Sharp
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Angela Teasdale
Carmel Adventist College - Brad Flynn

2014 winners pictured from left to right: 
Lee Sharp, Brad FLynn, Debbie O'Hara


St Brigids College - Jim Miller
Swan Christian College - Christina Welch
Darling Range Sports College - Marie Jackson
Kalamunda Senior High School - Justine McCann
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Breen Christie
Carmel Adventist College - Sepeti Fui

Benchmark Consultants Win Community Spirit Award 2013

Benchmark Consultants was recognised by the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce on the 16th November 2013 for their commitment to the community through the 'Benchmark Awards'.  Receiving this award was a great honour and just shows that the power and the value of the Benchmark Awards.

"Well done to Benchmark and congratulations.  We appreciate your sponsorship and commitment to our school, students and staff." - S Gamble, Principal, Kalamunda Senior High School

"Great news and well deserved. Here at Lesmurdie the Benchmark Award is held in very high regard – recipients value it highly and we also congratulate those others who receive nominations for it. Thanks again" - J Stone, Principal, Lesmurdie Senior High School

"We continue to be very happy to accept your generous award as it does help us acknowledge good practice." A Toffoli, Principal, St Bridgids College


St Brigids College - Magdalena Lambie
Swan Christian College - Meril Myers
Darling Range Sports College - Amanda Fleming
Kalamunda Senior High School - Noelene Clarke
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Allyson Goodhew
Carmel Adventist College - Devin Stafford


St Brigids College - Annamaria Cream
Swan Christian College - Caroline Blake
Darling Range Sports College - John Hillan
Kalamunda Senior High School - Desi Chapman
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Katherine Harrington
Carmel Adventist College - Denise Brown

St Brigids College - Bernice Vaughan
Swan Christian College - Deborah-Lee Ford
Darling Range Sports College - Sacha Bradley
Kalamunda Senior High School - Jane Sayer-Henderson
Lesmurdie Senior High School - Deidre Bretnall

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